Preparing for Baby (Part 4)

I kinda forgot to continue with this series, but I’m back now because I was just chatting with my preggie friend whom I’m actually doing this series for, and I realised that I haven’t finished the list yet! Sigh. Guess the pregnancy brain doesn’t really go away even after you pop!

Playtime/Going Out Needs
– Activity gym We originally ordered this from the US and got it shipped to us via a shipping company, but it somehow got damaged along the way and after getting a full refund, we decided to save ourselves the hassle and just buy another one locally. The Fisher-Price Precious Planet Deluxe Musical Activity Gym is easily available and we got ours at the Taka Baby Fair. I’ve heard that the Lamaze ones are pretty good too.

– Play Mat Most of our friends who have recently become parents bought theirs from Small Small World, and so when we found them at one of the Expo fairs, we placed an order for this one. I think we also got it at a cheaper price than what’s offered on the website, together with free delivery, so do check out the fairs just in case you can get a better deal.

– Bouncer Again, this Fisher-Price model was a staple in many of the new parents’ households and we bought ours at the Taka Baby Fair too. Noah seems to really enjoy being in it so far! One problem I’ve had with it is that it can’t really be washed properly, due to the board sewn into the back panel. Noah’s diaper leaked one morning as he was seated in it and I had to get our part-time helper to hand-wash the bottom bit and hang it up for drying after that. It would have been great if the panel is removable so that the whole fabric piece can be machine washed. I place a waterproof sheet under his bum when he’s seated in his bouncer now, just in case his diaper leaks again.

– Books/Toys/CDs We were very blessed to have received a few books and CDs from our friends. To be honest, I haven’t been able to really work out a routine in which reading and music are incorporated as he doesn’t seem very interested in either! I do show him some black/white/red flash cards which his paediatrician gave us, but I only do it when he seems alert and happy enough. Babycenter has a list of recommended books for babies, although I followed a different list (which I can’t seem to find now). One of the first toys we bought for Noah was Sophie the Giraffe, although we haven’t given it to him yet, as it’s more of a teether.

– Diaper bag This boils down to personal preference as well as who will end up carrying the bag most of the time. Most men wouldn’t really want to be carrying a pink diaper bag around! My mummy friends told me to get a roomy bag so that I can lug more things around, so when I saw this Okiedog bag on sale at the Expo fair, I quickly grabbed it. I’m even more pleased with it because it was being sold at half price (I love a good deal!) and it’s waterproof. My mummy friend Z has done a couple of reviews on the various diaper bags she owns, so do check them out.

– Baby sling/carrier I bought a pretty one from Pupsik, although Noah doesn’t seem to enjoy being in it very much. I’ve only managed to successfully bring him downstairs for a walk ONCE in the sling! We’ve heard many good things about this shop in Square 2, so maybe we will check it out soon. Apparently, it’s best to wait till after baby is born to buy the carrier, as you can then bring him down to the shop to try out the various brands and designs.

– Infant car seat We bought the Maxi-Cosi Pebble car seat as it was one of two car seats that can be used with our stroller. The Taka Baby Fair had a good deal on selected colours for this model so we decided to save a bit of money, rather than choose a prettier colour.

– Stroller We splurged on a good stroller as we originally had plans to relocate overseas for a year due to C’s job. We’ve heard horror stories of how strollers were mishandled by airline crew, resulting in damaged strollers, so we wanted a sturdy one, made of hardier material. Okay, I confess that I was won over by the look of the Bugaboo Bee as well. So far, it has served us well, although we haven’t really taken it out much. It is relatively light, although it’s not one of those ‘one-hand-close’ models, which some may prefer. We got ours from Mothercare, as well as the Maxi-Cosi car seat adaptors ($89). Noah seems quite comfy in it and I’ve managed to bring him for two short walks downstairs in it. I like that it glides smoothly and is sturdy enough to negotiate bumpy pavements without me feeling as though it will fall apart. The underseat basket is also roomy enough for my bag (but not my Okiedog diaper bag, which is huge) and some small shopping bags.

– Stroller fan We found a cheap one at Kiddy Palace but have yet to use it, as we haven’t really gone out much with Noah. It’s a good idea to get one though, as when I picked Noah up from the car seat after our walk the other morning, the poor boy was quite sweaty!


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