Preparing for Baby (Part 5)

Since the Baby Fair 2012 starts tomorrow, I thought I should finish this shopping series, to help those of you who are trying to come up with your shopping lists.

Baby Wear
Please note that the quantity listed does not include the hand-me-downs nor gifts we received. I came up with the numbers based on how often I planned to do the laundry.

– Short-sleeved rompers x 20
I use these the most, as they are convenient. I bought a few of those with buttons down the front, as they are easier to put onto a newborn. I also prefer rompers to tops as I have this mental image of the baby’s diaper falling off and pee/poo spilling out.

– Long-sleeved rompers x 10
These are handy when we sleep with the air-conditioner on at night. However, Noah perspires quite a bit, so these days, we put him in short-sleeved ones and he does just fine.

– Sleeveless rompers x 10
Initially, I didn’t buy many of these as I thought the short-sleeved ones would suffice. The heat these days has become quite unbearable and I think it has caused Noah’s skin to break out into a heat rash. I just bought a pack of five from Mothercare and I think Noah seems quite comfy in them. His rash is also much better now after I applied the California Baby Calendula Cream on him.

– Short-sleeved tops x 5
Not my favourite item, so I didn’t buy too many of them.

– Long-sleeved tops x 5
I found some really nice ones from Joy Luck Club Parenting . I actually bought them from one of the expo fairs before realising that they can be found online too.

– Shorts x 5
I bought some from Joy Luck Club Parenting at the expo fair. They are still a little too big for Noah so he has hardly worn them.

– Pants x 5
These are still too long for him and I’m patiently waiting for him to grow into them.

– Leg warmers x 3
These can double up as arm warmers too. I bought some at the Taka Baby Fair and some online. Noah’s legs have become quite chubby and the smaller ones seem quite tight now, although the bigger ones are still too baggy. Sigh.

– Mittens x 10
Personally, I think you can never have too many mittens and booties. Choose those that don’t have too wide openings as they might fall off quite easily. I am suggesting that you get more booties than mittens though, as the mittens don’t have to be worn during the day once your baby turns a month old, according to our PD. Some may prefer keeping them on for a longer time to prevent the baby from scratching himself, so do whatever you’re comfortable with.

– Booties x 20
Get a variety of sizes if possible as I’ve noticed that his feet do grow quite quickly. Also, do remove his booties before you change his diaper, as he may decide to step in the diaper before you whisk it away. Trust me, it really does happen.

– Hats x 3
I haven’t used any of the hats yet, so I don’t consider them essential.

– Bibs x 5
These will probably only be used much later, so there’s no real need to get them until baby begins drooling a lot.

Phew! I think that’s all! Happy shopping!


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