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One of the items that I find useful but relatively underrated is breast pads. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I really needed breast pads, as like most mothers-to-be, I didn’t even know if I would have enough milk to breastfeed. The idea that I would ‘leak’ and require breast pads was quite foreign to me. However, it was on the list of things to buy, so I asked around, found that the most common brand was P, and bought a few boxes of it just in case.

At that time, I didn’t know what to look out for and to be honest, I didn’t think it was all that important, so I didn’t bother to do much research. Cost was my primary concern, and although I try to be environmentally friendly in some ways, using washable breast pads wasn’t one of them, as I didn’t want to waste time washing them and waiting for them to dry.

I used the P breast pads for the first few weeks but felt that they didn’t cover enough surface area, which means that my bras, and sometimes even my tops, would still get wet. I also became quite conscious about the cost factor, as I had to change my breast pads quite regularly due to my relatively good supply. I began looking around for cheaper and hopefully better alternatives, and discovered the Niz Home Premium Breast Pads which are made in Korea. At that time, Thelittleonesinmylife was giving away free samples and being a typical Singaporean, I quickly requested for some.

In all honesty, when I received the samples, I wasn’t very impressed. They looked too thin to be able to do the trick but I figured there was no harm in trying them out, since I already had them. I’m glad I did as I prefer them a lot more to the P brand ones! Here’s why…

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Niz Home Premium Breast Pads

1. Size: ♥♥♥♥♥ The Niz Home Premium Breast Pads are bigger than the P brand ones, fitting well around my breast and in my bra. After using them for about a month, I haven’t had any leakages at all, whereas previously, when I was using the P brand ones, I had a few ‘accidents’, especially at night when Noah sleeps for slightly longer stretches and my boobs become fuller. I actually woke up on a couple of occasions because my pyjama tops were wet from the milk! Perhaps the pads shifted when I moved around or slept on my side, but I don’t think it’s a good excuse, as nobody is able to sleep in one fixed position through the night, much less exhausted breastfeeding mothers!

P brand’s size

Niz Home’s size

2. Quality: ♥♥♥♥ As I mentioned earlier, the Niz Home Premium Breast Pads are thinner than those from P brand, but I feel that they are equally, if not more, absorbent. I don’t even realise that they are full until I change them and when I first used them, I was quite amazed at how heavy they were, because I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

I also like that the breast pads from Niz Home are sealed all round, as compared to P brand’s, which for some reason, are unsealed at the top and bottom.

P brand’s thickness

P brand’s shape and edges

Niz Home’s thickness

Niz Home’s shape and edges

3. Ease of use: ♥♥♥♥♥ Each breast pad comes individually packaged for hygiene purposes in clear plastic bags which are easy to open. This may sound like a silly point, but trust me, when you step out of the bathroom and hear your baby crying, you need to do everything quickly and wasting time struggling to open the plastic bags isn’t something you really want to do.

The same goes for sticking the breast pad to your bra. P brand has two adhesive stickers, which I thought would be useful in ensuring that the pad doesn’t move around. Nope! As I mentioned earlier, they still do move around and what’s worse is that the two halves tend to get stuck together when you fold your bra cup down. This can be quite annoying especially when you’re nursing in public and can’t really re-adjust the bra pad properly after nursing. Niz Home only has one adhesive, which saves time when you’re pasting it in your bra, and also prevents the problem of having two halves stuck together.

Niz Home’s packaging

4. Cost ♥♥♥♥ I enjoy buying things online as I can usually get better deals, and this is definitely one such instance. I save even more when I buy in bulk! Here’s the price list:

Retail Price:
30pc – $15.90
90pc – $35.90

Online Price excluding postage fee:
30pc – $10
60pc – $15
90pc – $20
1 x 90pc FREE when you buy 5 x 90pc at $100 with free courier service

Postage Fee (Absorbed for orders above $30):
30pc box – $1
60pc (2 x 30pc) – $1.50
90pc (3 x 30pc) – $2.55


Special Price with FREE postage:
30pc – $9
60pc – $14
90pc – $19
1 x 90pc FREE when you buy 5 x 90pc at $95 with free courier service 

To purchase the Niz Home Premium Breast Pads, follow these simple steps:

1. ‘Like’ Thelittleonesinmylife on Facebook.

2. Send Audrey, the very friendly and efficient owner, a Direct Message to place your order.

3. Include this discount code: GWTT to get your breast pads at the special price* listed in red.

*Valid till the end of October 2012, or while stocks last.

Happy shopping! 🙂



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  1. Wow, doing product reviews already, well done!

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