Nursing Room Review: Changi Airport Terminal 2

Changi Airport has quite a number of nursing rooms, especially in its Transit areas. I visited the sole nursing room available in the public area of Terminal 2, located between check-in rows 7 and 8, next to Chomel.

Facilities: 4/5
I liked that there is a separate nursing area located within the room, providing more privacy for nursing mothers. This smaller room can be locked and is fitted very simply with a long cushioned bench. There is sufficient space in this separate room for a stroller to be parked inside, or even your luggage, if you need to nurse your baby before or after your flight. A bag hook and power socket are both conveniently located next to the bench as well.

The long cushioned bench

Bag hook and power socket

In the main area of the nursing room, there is a hot water dispenser, a diaper vending machine (stocked only with L-sized Drypers diapers at SGD1 each), hand dryer, sink, paper towel dispenser and changing station. There is also a wooden bench, allowing others to take a seat while waiting. I found the changing station a tad too high for my liking, as I had to stretch to reach my baby’s left diaper tab. The bin was located directly beneath the changing station, which is a plus as I didn’t have to walk away from my baby to throw his soiled diaper away. I also found the bag hook next to the changing station very useful, as I could hang my diaper bag there, instead of placing it on the counter or floor.

Hot water dispenser

Diaper vending machine and hand dryer 

Sink, paper towel dispenser and changing station (Note the entrance to the private nursing area in the reflection)

Wooden bench outside private nursing area

Cleanliness: 3/5 
I was a little appalled to realise that the headboard of the nursing bench was coated in a light layer of dust, as I expected the airport’s standard of cleanliness to be higher. The counter was a little wet, but that was probably caused by the parent who had just used it before me. While I was there, a cleaning lady came in to refill the paper towels but left it open for some reason.

The nursing room is pretty functional and has everything you’ll need for a diaper change or to nurse your baby. I would appreciate it if it looked a little more welcoming and cozy though! It looks too much like a normal toilet to me and I didn’t feel very comfortable nursing my baby there. Also, there was a constant stream of staff coming in to fill up their bottles at the hot water dispenser, which may make parents who are changing their children’s diapers feel a little uncomfortable too.



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2 responses to “Nursing Room Review: Changi Airport Terminal 2

  1. Hmm.. doesn’t look at all cosy to me and the staff filling hot water is unacceptable. But guess there is little the airport can do about it. Cleanliness is possibly the most important factor, I was very impressed with the nursing room at 313 which was very new and modern, until I saw a baby cockroach running around, which completely put me off any feeding.

    • Oh dear, that sounds horrible! Anyway, I think it might help if the airport management installs hot water dispensers next to some of the water cooler points in the public area. This will allow other visitors to the airport to use them as well. For safety reasons, they can be placed higher, out of the children’s reach.

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