Me Time

I hadn’t been reading much since Noah was born and one day, when C asked me, “Ey, you stopped reading ah?”, I realised that I haven’t picked up a book in ages. I’ve been watching episodes of this Korean variety show, Running Man, while nursing Noah, mainly because I can watch it without the volume on and just read the subtitles. Yes, I am kept awake and entertained by the show, but after a while, it can get a tad mundane if I watch too many of them in a row.

Reading has always been my all-time favourite hobby and I am ashamed to have neglected it for so long. What better way, then, to rekindle my love affair with books than with my favourite author, Jodi Picoult and her latest book, Lone Wolf? Unfortunately, I was disappointed by the weak twist in the plot but I loved holding a book again and losing myself in the fictional world. It was tough trying to turn the pages while ensuring that Noah wasn’t disturbed by the movement or sound, and I found myself seriously contemplating reading on my iPad instead. Now, I must state for the record that I’ve always championed reading books in their traditional form and the overflowing bookcase in our bedroom is a clear testimony of how much the hubs and I love our books. I’ve scoffed at people who extol the virtues of the Kindle or iPad as a reader, and told them that I love the feel of a book in my hands too much to consider reading on an electronic device. But my lifestyle has changed greatly and I can no longer switch on a light to read in the middle of the night, flip pages with ease, or even hold open a book properly.

After I finished my book, I begun exploring other options. I found that I could subscribe to the digital version of Young Parents, and thought that it would be a good investment. I wouldn’t need to find space on our very full bookshelf to store all the past issues, I could read it without switching on the light at night, good articles could be easily bookmarked, and best of all, it was cheaper than the print edition. I was sold. I had some trouble downloading the magazine initially but a quick email to the Zinio helpdesk resolved the issue and I am pleased to say that I have just finished reading the latest issue of Young Parents on my iPad. I’m now seriously considering purchasing some ebooks too, so that my brain will get some sort of stimuli while I nurse Noah. I know that it can never give me the same joy as a book in my hand, but for now, it will have to do.



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6 responses to “Me Time

  1. hf

    ebooks and e-mags are great. 🙂 save space. read it on kindle, the look is like that of a traditional book 🙂

  2. Amy Tan

    Hi Ade, get a kindle. I also stopped reading for a long time but resumed when I got one. Love it! It’s lightweight which makes it easy to hold, n u can read in the dark if u get a cover with a light. But ebooks are not cheap but I decided on one for all the convenience!

    • Hi Amy! Thanks for the advice! Is the backlight bright enough on the Kindle for me to read without using the cover with a light? At the moment, I am quite comfy reading an e-magazine on my iPad, as the backlight is quite bright, but I haven’t tried reading a book yet.

  3. Zee

    I think I shall switch to the iPad version of young parents once my subscription ends. I have no place for more magazines! And I feel bad when I have to throw them away.!

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