In a bid to get Noah to take a nap yesterday, C tasked me with buying us both lunch. I took a really long (to me) walk and noticed this:


Interesting, isn’t it? Here’s a closer look at what it is.


I never knew something like that existed and I think that for all the complaining we do about the LTA, they do come up with some good schemes, like this one in particular. Giving the elderly more time to cross the road is really very considerate although I wonder how many of them actually know it exists and how it works. Perhaps I’ve just been a little out of touch with what’s going on in Singapore, but I don’t recall hearing about this in the news.


When I told C about it, he asked, “Does it deduct money too?” -.-

Well, at least it’s a step in the right direction towards meeting the needs of our ageing society.

PS. Pardon the poorly taken photos! I was in a hurry as I don’t have a senior citizen ez-link card to tap on it. I wish there was someone who was using this special feature while I was there though. Now I’m just curious about whether it actually works and how much extra time is given…

PPS. For the record, Noah did fall asleep in the Manduca while I went on the really long walk to get lunch. He woke up once I got home though. Think he wants me to get more exercise. Sigh.



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2 responses to “Pause

  1. Tricia

    Hihi , my son us abt 8months old soon n still total breastfeeding . One of the ways I make him nap or slp more consistent is sleeping on tummy . Btw when teething periods baby tend to be poor sleepers . I suppose u are a SAHM. Well I would love to be one but unfortunately I am a FTWM. Take care , I am using Manduca too n I usually sing or play music to him to make him slp.

    • Hi Tricia, thanks for your advice! I normally get him to sleep in the Manduca when we are out, but I find it easier to nurse him to sleep if we are at home. Will try your methods when he is older, thanks! 🙂

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