Please, God, Not Again…

Despite my efforts to pump after nursing, I woke up at 2am with the distinctive pain and dull ache in my left boob again. I nursed Noah, changed his diaper, nursed him on the same side again, pumped for ten minutes, but the ache defiantly throbbed on. I contacted the massage lady and thank God that she responded this morning to say that she had one last slot available for today.

This time round, I can’t seem to feel the lump but the area is warm to the touch, which is a telltale sign that something is wrong. I hate that this happens on a monthly basis to me, and it makes my breastfeeding journey a tough one. I know I should pump after every feed, but it’s tough to even find time to go to the loo, much less do the entire wash-sterilize-pump-wash routine frequently. It also doesn’t help that the baby is a real whine-pot, whining the second I step out of his sight, and is a poor napper to boot.

I love the little boy to bits and I love being able to breastfeed him, but it really bothers me that I keep getting these blocked ducts. I hope to be able to keep breastfeeding him for as long as possible, so I pray that this will really be the last time that I suffer from blocked ducts. I am reluctant to start him on solids before he turns six months old, mainly because I have this irrational feeling that he will seem less like my baby… Yes I am fully aware that it makes me sound crazy, but I can’t help it! One more month to go before he gets his first taste of cereal… *sob*

On a separate note, this is the happy face that greets me every morning! I thank God that Noah wakes up with a smile all the time and waits patiently in his cot for us to wake up. He coos and babbles to himself, sucks on his mittens, and is quite content to just lie there. When he spots me peering into his cot, he beams and squirms happily. Have I mentioned how much I love him? 🙂




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2 responses to “Please, God, Not Again…

  1. Subin

    Hey Addie I had several clogged ducts and 4 bouts of mastitis for the one year that I b fed. One of the reasons was cos I had an oversupply of milk. Pumping stimulates more production of milk so perhaps you should not be pumping after your feeds especially if Noah is a good drinker? I would hand express if I felt the swell due to milk or I would take a long warm shower and massage hard (and hand express) in the bathroom thus avoiding pumping. Just sharing, I guess every body is different but just wanted you to know I fully understand the agony and empathise. Mastitis is horrid – on top of the pain and lumps, you get fever, bone aches and chills. I would immediately recognise the signs of a clogged duct or mastitis and like you, go: oh no not again!

    Take care. Noah’s definitely growing well under your love and care 🙂

    • Hi Bin! Yes, I also have my doubts about pumping after I nursed, but the lactation consultants at TMC told me that I have to pump to clear the milk as Noah doesn’t empty my boob each time. I’ve been massaging and massaging my boobs but they still get clogged once a month so far. Yes, Mastitis is really horrid! Suffered through a bad bout of it last month and could only recover after a course of antibiotics. I just had a massage and hopefully, the ducts aren’t clogged anymore. Thanks for your suggestions. Will try to massage and hand express more. Always good to hear from other mothers on what can be done! 🙂

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