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We’ve Moved!

Hello! We’ve moved to our new site:

See you there! 🙂


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Intuition: Mom’s Assistant

I read about this iPhone app called ‘Intuition: Mom’s Assistant’ and decided to try it out for myself since I often find myself forgetting things on my list of things to do/buy.

I used to use the ‘Notes’ app to keep track of my lists but I’m quite taken by this new app. I get to colour code the different categories which is a very frivolous reason, but hey, these things make a difference to me. More importantly, there are actual categories and this helps me to be a little more organised, especially when I remember bits of my shopping list at random moments. Another plus point: when I put down ‘Email xxx’, the app cleverly syncs with my address book and mailbox, saving me the hassle of looking for my contact’s email address. Any time-saving app is worth sharing, in my opinion. Hope you’ll find it helpful too! Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a mom to use it. It’s good for anyone who, like me, needs help keeping track of the crazy to-do list.

Now to find an app that will actually DO my shopping and tasks for me…

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In a bid to get Noah to take a nap yesterday, C tasked me with buying us both lunch. I took a really long (to me) walk and noticed this:


Interesting, isn’t it? Here’s a closer look at what it is.


I never knew something like that existed and I think that for all the complaining we do about the LTA, they do come up with some good schemes, like this one in particular. Giving the elderly more time to cross the road is really very considerate although I wonder how many of them actually know it exists and how it works. Perhaps I’ve just been a little out of touch with what’s going on in Singapore, but I don’t recall hearing about this in the news.


When I told C about it, he asked, “Does it deduct money too?” -.-

Well, at least it’s a step in the right direction towards meeting the needs of our ageing society.

PS. Pardon the poorly taken photos! I was in a hurry as I don’t have a senior citizen ez-link card to tap on it. I wish there was someone who was using this special feature while I was there though. Now I’m just curious about whether it actually works and how much extra time is given…

PPS. For the record, Noah did fall asleep in the Manduca while I went on the really long walk to get lunch. He woke up once I got home though. Think he wants me to get more exercise. Sigh.


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Me Time

I hadn’t been reading much since Noah was born and one day, when C asked me, “Ey, you stopped reading ah?”, I realised that I haven’t picked up a book in ages. I’ve been watching episodes of this Korean variety show, Running Man, while nursing Noah, mainly because I can watch it without the volume on and just read the subtitles. Yes, I am kept awake and entertained by the show, but after a while, it can get a tad mundane if I watch too many of them in a row.

Reading has always been my all-time favourite hobby and I am ashamed to have neglected it for so long. What better way, then, to rekindle my love affair with books than with my favourite author, Jodi Picoult and her latest book, Lone Wolf? Unfortunately, I was disappointed by the weak twist in the plot but I loved holding a book again and losing myself in the fictional world. It was tough trying to turn the pages while ensuring that Noah wasn’t disturbed by the movement or sound, and I found myself seriously contemplating reading on my iPad instead. Now, I must state for the record that I’ve always championed reading books in their traditional form and the overflowing bookcase in our bedroom is a clear testimony of how much the hubs and I love our books. I’ve scoffed at people who extol the virtues of the Kindle or iPad as a reader, and told them that I love the feel of a book in my hands too much to consider reading on an electronic device. But my lifestyle has changed greatly and I can no longer switch on a light to read in the middle of the night, flip pages with ease, or even hold open a book properly.

After I finished my book, I begun exploring other options. I found that I could subscribe to the digital version of Young Parents, and thought that it would be a good investment. I wouldn’t need to find space on our very full bookshelf to store all the past issues, I could read it without switching on the light at night, good articles could be easily bookmarked, and best of all, it was cheaper than the print edition. I was sold. I had some trouble downloading the magazine initially but a quick email to the Zinio helpdesk resolved the issue and I am pleased to say that I have just finished reading the latest issue of Young Parents on my iPad. I’m now seriously considering purchasing some ebooks too, so that my brain will get some sort of stimuli while I nurse Noah. I know that it can never give me the same joy as a book in my hand, but for now, it will have to do.


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Missing my Boys

As I write this post, the last batch of students I’ve taught are sitting for their EL O Level paper and even though I only taught them for half a year when they were in Secondary Three, I still feel nervous for them. Time really has flown by, and I’m getting all nostalgic thinking about my time with these boys. I loved teaching this batch, and bonded with them despite the short time frame.

I still smile when I think about the silly things they said and did during our Full Literature lessons. I’ll admit that I’m easily amused, which makes it difficult for me to stay angry with them for long. I had a boy with a lovely, deep voice, and I enjoyed getting him to read aloud in class, just because his voice was so beautiful and such a joy to listen to. Another boy, who has the most expressionless face you can imagine, when asked to read Juliet’s lines, put on a very girly voice to do so, taking the class by surprise and we all burst out laughing. I had plenty of filthy-minded boys, which is to be expected in an all-boys’ school, I guess, and having Romeo and Juliet as our text didn’t help matters at all. They all had plenty of things to say about how stupid they thought the young couple was, and came up with various lewd interpretations of the most innocent of lines. But I loved that they were engaged during the lessons, and to me, I felt that them having so many opinions meant that they actually cared about the text, which is what I wanted from them.

My form class was also a lively bunch, and the first batch that I had to camp with. I hate camps and utterly dislike the idea of having to spend a night away from my cosy bed unless I’m on holiday in a nice hotel, but these boys made it just that little bit better when I saw how much fun they had and how the camp helped them to get along better with each other. I’m generally quite sarcastic with my students and the previous batch didn’t seem at all bothered by it, so I didn’t really think much about it, but this class, ah… they were so quick to react to everything I said, and I was very much entertained by their reactions. I think one boy summed it up best when he exclaimed, “I don’t even know whether you’re really praising me or you’re being sarcastic anymore!” before dramatically miming tearing out his hair in frustration. Hahaha. I don’t even think he’d remember this incident, but I do, because I miss all of them very much. Plus my brain has the strange habit of storing useless information like that, but that’s not the point here.

I think about my boys very often and wish that I could have seen them through their final two years in secondary school. My previous batch of boys are going to take their A levels very soon too, and I still miss them dearly. I’m glad that many of the students I’ve taught over the years are still in contact with me, mainly via Facebook and Twitter, and thankful that they make the effort to say hi once in a while. I miss being in a classroom and the mental stimulation that teaching provides. I miss interacting with my colleagues and students, but I don’t miss the seemingly never-ending marking and administrative work, and I definitely don’t miss the stress that came along with all that.

I look at the little boy snuggled in the crook of my left arm as I type this with my right hand, and I know that I made the right decision to go on no-pay leave. Yes, I miss my boys very much, but as my very wise boss once said, “Students come and go. Your family is more important now.”

If any of my boys from the class of 2010 and 2012 are reading this, know that you are all very dear to me and that you are in my prayers during this important examination period. May God bless all of you and I look forward to sharing your joy when you receive your results next year.

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Down with a Bug

I came down with a really bad sore throat on Thursday night and by Friday afternoon, I was so uncomfortable that C had to come home early from work so that I could see the doctor. I didn’t want to bring the baby to the clinic and expose him to even more germs! The doctor prescribed some Paracetamol for my body aches and mild lozenges for the sore throat, as I’m still breastfeeding. She also told me to wear a mask when I’m breastfeeding the baby, which I tried to do diligently, but I gave up after a while as it got quite uncomfortable and Noah kept trying to swipe it away from my face.

I’ve been gargling with warm salt water, and although I’ve managed to cough out some really disgusting phlegm, the sore throat hasn’t gone away yet. To make matters worse, I’ve also lost my voice. I can’t really talk and I have had to resort to whispering when I speak to Noah. He finds it funny and would smile or laugh whenever I whisper, so I guess it’s good that at least one person is enjoying my misery. Poor C seems to have caught my bug and is now also suffering from a sore throat. Sigh.

I pray that God will heal both of us as soon as possible and protect Noah from this virus!

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