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Home Alone (sort of)

C left on Monday morning for his work trip to the US. Ever since I joined him in France last June, we haven’t really been apart for long periods of time. Sure, he’s gone on the occasional business trip but usually only for a couple of days, so this two-week trip really kinda sucks. The worst bit is that Noah and I are cooped up here in our house with my MIL, who has a very different parenting style from us.

To be honest, I am very much of a control freak and I’m trying very hard not to be too particular about things but it’s tough. I really wish I can just be alone with my baby boy during this period, but sadly, that’s not going to happen. Come to think of it, C and I haven’t even had the chance to live alone with Noah since we got back from the hospital.

I thank God that Noah is a good baby and at the end of the day, I try to remind myself that that is what really matters. Right now, Noah has a huge booger in his right nostril and has been snorting like a pig since this morning. I don’t know if he has actually caught a cold or if it’s just a booger and nothing more, but things seem much scarier when C is away. I’ve tried using a nasal aspirator but that didn’t work, and I’m trying very hard not to over-react. Noah doesn’t seem very bothered by it and has been drinking his milk and sleeping as per normal, so that’s good. Anyway, I’ve prayed with Noah just now so I’m going to trust that God will heal him.

Last night, I had another mini freak out session when I thought Noah’s bum looked a little red. Scared that it was diaper rash, I went online to do a quick Google search for diaper rash images. NEVER EVER do that! The images I saw have scarred me for life, I tell you. I applied an extra dollop of Desitin on him just to be safe and this morning, when my mum popped by, she took a look at his bum and said she didn’t think it was diaper rash. Phew! I’m still going to spread a more generous amount of Desitin on his bum to be safe from now on though.

I’m having a pity party for myself at the moment, missing C and wishing that the days will pass more quickly. I know it’s worse for him, being away from us and we’ve been having video chats on Skype in the mornings so that he can see Noah. Two weeks in baby terms is a long time and I’m sure he misses being able to cuddle our little boy in his arms. I pray that God will take good care of our little family and bring C home safely next Sunday.

Hello, daddy! We miss you!

Video chat

Noah in his preferred sleeping spot these days, although I think it comforts me more than him tonight, to have him sleeping on my chest. Pardon the poor photo quality. I’m trying to keep the room a little darker at night to help him differentiate between day and night.



Update: After his bath this morning, Noah sneezed a couple of times and the booger came out! Thank You, God, for answering our prayers! 🙂


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With all my love… #3

Hey sweetheart,

Yesterday, we had a simple lunch buffet with our relatives and friends for your first month celebration. You were such a well-behaved baby throughout the six hours or so that we were out, even though it was your first time being among so many people at the same time. Daddy and mummy are so proud of you for being so good-natured, darling!

To be honest, we were very nervous about the celebration. It was our first time bringing you out for such an extended period of time and we really didn’t know how you would handle it. Daddy and mummy prayed really hard the night before, and asked God to grant you a good night’s rest as well as to keep you comfortable throughout the day, and He did! You slept from 1am to 530am, and I was so surprised when I woke up and saw a bit of light streaming in from outside, instead of the usual pitch dark conditions that I’ve gotten used to over the past few weeks. You were also very cooperative as we bustled around trying to get you ready for your big day out, apart from your usual wail-fest during your bath. You have to try to be brave when you take your baths, darling. I know it seems very scary, but you know that mummy is holding you and I won’t drop you, right?

Anyway, when we arrived at Clover by the Park where Gan Yiyi lives, you were sleeping so soundly. It was as though you knew you needed to rest before the guests arrived and you actually woke up in time to say hi to all the uncles and aunties! When you’re older, baby, you’ll probably meet all of them again, and perhaps be able to actually recognise them. Just know that you are loved by so many people and that it is a real blessing to have them all in our lives.

Here you are, taking your nap. I love it when you are sleeping so peacefully!


Mummy made matching outfits for you and daddy! Daddy’s tee says, “Who’s your daddy?” and your romper says, “You are!”


Auntie Serene was very nice and did up the hot-air balloons and pom-pom flowers in the background for us!


Mummy also ordered a cake for you and daddy from Bees Cakes and everyone loved it. Mummy will get you another cake when you are old enough to actually eat your own cake okay?


Uncle Edward and our church friends prayed for you at the celebration too. We asked God to protect you from all harm and danger, to keep you healthy and strong, to let your hands be raised in praise and thanksgiving to God and your feet be ones that walked the extra mile for others. We also asked for your heart to be filled with compassion for the less fortunate, for you to be blessed with wisdom from above so that you will always be able to discern right from wrong, and that you will grow up to be a God-fearing man. We asked for God’s wisdom to be upon us too, that we might be the best possible parents for you. Above all, we asked that God be ever-present in our lives, guiding us in all that we do.

It was a lovely day, all in all, although you were so tired that I had to bring you up to Gan Yiyi’s house to calm you down so that you could nap. Daddy also noticed that you were turning slightly blue and that you were shivering, most probably because I had just nursed you in a rather cold room, so it was good that we went up for a while too. Poor baby! You fell asleep so quickly once there was less activity going on around you that I know you must have been exhausted.

Mummy’s going to take a nap now since you’re napping too. If you think you’re tired, try being me! Getting you to sleep at night is such a challenge on most occasions and I really pray that you will learn how to fall (and stay) asleep on your own very VERY soon. You’re generally such an angel that I know I shouldn’t complain, but boy, I sure would appreciate it if you would start enjoying your baths and diaper changes, and learn to be a better sleeper. As soon as possible please, darling! Daddy’s leaving for another work trip on Monday, and this time round, he’s going to be away for two whole weeks. Be a good boy for mummy, okay? Please?

Happy first month, darling. We love you very very much.


With all my love,

PS. For those of you interested in ordering cakes or cupcakes from Bees Cakes, please do place your orders way in advance if you want them on a weekend. She needs time to make all those lovely decorations! If you have a particularly large order, weekdays might be a safer bet, as she might have more time to fill your order then. Enjoy! 🙂

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Nap? What nap?

Say hello to Mr ‘I-refuse-to-take-a-nap’, everyone!


The little man refused to sleep last night as well, keeping us up till past 2am and waking me up at 4am and again at 7am for his feeds. I was so tired that I forgot to change his diaper at 4am and was horrified to see his overflowing diaper at 7am. I’m a terrible mummy! 😦

This afternoon, I tried getting him to take a nap and spent five hours nursing, patting and just holding him. And he still looked like this:


Each time he falls asleep while nursing, I think, ‘Yay! At last!’ but once I try to put him in his cot, his eyes will spring wide open and the wails begin within a minute. I even tried putting him on our bed, next to me, but he would still wake up after a few minutes. The paediatrician told us yesterday not to let him sleep on his tummy anymore due to the risk of SIDS but I confess that after five hours, I caved and put him on his tummy after he fell asleep on my chest. And he slept! Thank God! Now to see if he will sleep well tonight… I don’t know how many more sleepless nights I can take!

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Week 4

Noah is four weeks old today and our confinement lady will be leaving tomorrow. I’m beginning to feel really sad about her departure as she has really helped us a lot during these initial days. Auntie is very good-natured and easy-going, which makes working with her a breeze. When she first arrived, I was really stressed about being able to breastfeed properly and she was such a great source of support and help. She would help me to position the baby properly, give me hot wet towels to ease my engorgement, and stay up to chat with me while I breastfed, so that I won’t fall asleep. After I got used to breastfeeding, I decided to nurse Noah in bed rather than in the nursery, so Auntie would bring him over at night when he cries, before making me a glass of milk to drink. She even holds the cup for me while I drink, even though I’m holding it too, because she’s afraid that I would accidentally drop the cup on Noah! It’s been a long time since I’ve been ‘fed’ like that…

Auntie was the confinement lady for two of my friends and she was so pleased when they brought their kids to visit me. I think it’s sad, really, that even though she was the one who looked after the babies in their first month, they don’t know who she is. I’m sure she’s used to it but she did admit that she does miss all the babies that she has cared for. It’s a bit like being a foster parent of sorts, I guess, and I can’t help but feel sad for her. My ‘solution’? I bought a thumbdrive and downloaded photos of all three babies onto it for her! I know it’s not the same thing of course, but at least she has some photos to look at and I hope they will bring back fond memories for her after she goes back to Malaysia. I also got her to take a photo with Noah so that I can give her a copy of it and more importantly, so that I can tell Noah about her when he’s older.

Auntie with Noah


Auntie has also given C and I some precious couple time during this period. Just yesterday, we went out for a few hours as I wanted to celebrate C’s birthday in advance with him. I surprised him with a massage, on the pretext that I wanted to get a pedicure, and we also had lunch out, with Auntie’s blessings of course, since I’m technically not done with my confinement yet. I really appreciate the fact that we can leave Noah with her and know that he is in good hands!

Right, this post is supposed to be about Noah turning four weeks old but as you can see, I’m quite prone to digressions. 😛 Back to Noah now!

We started doing tummy time with Noah while C was away on a business trip and to our great surprise, the babe actually managed to flip himself onto his back! That was only on the first day though and he hasn’t done it since. I think he was able to do it that day because he was on our sofa and was therefore already slightly tilted due to the angle of the seat. Such a pity that I didn’t manage to capture that moment on video.

His first tummy time experience


We’ve also started letting him take naps on his tummy and he seems quite happy to do so most of the time. However, Noah seems to prefer falling asleep on my body so I’ve had a bit of trouble with that. I try to shift him to his cot after he falls asleep but more often than not, his eyes would spring open to look quizzically at me and he would then refuse to go back to sleep. Sigh.

Noah still has pretty dry skin, as well as some baby acne on his face and neck. We’ve already been adding some baby oil to his bath water and applying some cream prescribed by the paediatrician on the affected areas, but things haven’t improved yet. We’ve bringing him to a new paediatrician on Thursday because the wait time at TMC is just too long, so we’ll see what the new doc says.

I was just telling C yesterday that I can’t remember how it felt to have Noah moving around in my womb anymore. Strange, isn’t it? These days, when I look at the little boy in my arms, I marvel at how wonderful God has been to us. Indeed, our God can do anything! 🙂


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Week 3

The little boy is three weeks old today and boy, has he changed! I guess I spoke a little too soon about him being quite easy, because he’s been struggling with naps recently. Today, he even had some issues with his feeds. Sigh. I really hope this is just a one-off thing.

Noah has suddenly taken to falling asleep within five or ten minutes of latching on and suckling as though he has been starved for days. Once I unlatch him and put him on the bed, he wakes up and glares angrily at me. I try feeding him again but he will be all, ‘No, I don’t want more milk, thank you very much!’ and there is a huge struggle to get out of my arms. Way to thank your mummy, son! I pop him back into his cot where he used to be perfectly contented stoning, but 15 minutes or less later, the whining and crying begins, complete with sucking noises. The whole routine is repeated and there you go! Story of my day. Please go back to your good feeding and napping patterns, baby!

Apart from this little blip, I’m still loving the little cooing sounds he makes and those random smiles of his. Right now, he’s exhausted from all that struggling with me and is sleeping on my bed, looking angelic and nothing like the frustrated baby I had in my arms a while ago.

My little model posing in his sleep


Please pardon the red blotches on his skin. He’s been having tiny red pimples all over his body and even on his scalp, apparently due to the herbs I’ve been consuming. His jaundice also hasn’t really cleared up but that’s also most likely due to the food I take during confinement. I’m praying very hard that all these will go away after I’m done with my confinement!

The hubs left early this morning for a short business trip and I’m sure he misses the baby terribly. I mean, I started missing the baby when we went out that night to watch hockey! I’m so thankful that C is the one working instead of me. Right now, I’m looking forward to watching Noah grow and playing with him, rather than going back to work.

Speaking of spending time away from the baby, I think that that night out has made me more inclined towards popping out for short trips without Noah. The day before, we went out in the morning to check out the venue for his first month celebration and yesterday, we went out to Nex to buy more supplies. Babies use plenty of diapers and wet wipes! I feel like such an auntie going to NTUC and buying so many packs of diapers at a go, but that’s how much our lives have changed. I also took the opportunity to buy a nursing top and dress from Spring Maternity but gone are the days when I can spend long periods of time browsing in shops. It’s all rush rush rush now, and is really very good training for the indecisive part of me.

Eight days till my confinement lady leaves and the real test begins. I pray for God to continue watching over all of us and to grant us good health!

PS. I think the baby knows I’m blogging about his terrible pattern today and is back to his angelic behaviour now! He’s been napping for more than three hours straight on my bed. Interesting…

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Week 2

Our little baby is two weeks old today! We brought him to the paediatrician for his jaundice review this afternoon and the good news is that his bili level has dropped from 9.0 last week to 7.9 today. The doctor still finds him quite yellow so it’s another week of sunning for the babe. We were also thrilled that he has put on weight although I suspect that part of his weight gain was due to his slightly thick romper. But his romper can’t possibly weigh 300g, right?

Noah’s weight at two weeks.


Noah is also drinking more milk these days and managed to take in 90ml this afternoon. I haven’t been consistently pumping out my milk for him, because he latches on quite well now and I still have a couple of bottles of expressed milk in the fridge. In fact, I now have four little bags of milk stored in the freezer! 🙂 I’m still trying to get used to waking up a few times at night to feed him but I’m very thankful that he’s quite efficient during night feeds, taking about fifteen to twenty minutes to drink his fill. I can’t burp him very well yet but as with all things, practice makes perfect!

Naps are still a little bit of a problem these days and I sometimes resort to comfort feeds in order to get him to sleep. The confinement lady has also taught me to just place my hand on top of the bean bag that we lay across his chest and hold it there while shushing him, which seems to soothe him. I was thrilled when that, coupled with the ‘womb sounds’ playing from the night light strapped to his cot, worked! It’s such a relief to see him fall asleep without having to nurse. I have no idea why he’s in this ‘I refuse to take a nap’ mode so often! What happened to my little darling who could fall asleep on his own last week?

Look at how wide awake he is after his morning feed!


I’m almost halfway through my confinement now and although I’m going to miss all the help that my confinement lady provides, I’m looking forward to drinking cold drinks and eating (slightly) unhealthier food. I also want to go for a nice pedicure and do some shopping (I need nursing wear!) but whatever ‘excursions’ I want to go on will either have to include baby or be very short, at least for a couple of months. Looking forward to plenty of outings as a little family! 🙂

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With all my love… #2

My dearest baby boy,

You’re a week old today! We’ve been home for five days now and slowly trying to get into some sort of routine. Daddy has taken you on a tour around the house already, and I hope you’re enjoying your new bed and room.

Here’s a photo of you at seven days old, swaddled tightly and sleeping soundly.


You’re taking your nap at the moment and I must say I’m thankful that you generally nap quite well, waking up only for your feeds. Your grandparents love watching you sleep and find your every move fascinating! Me? I love it when I’m feeding you and you fall into this milk-induced sleepy state that causes you to give me a wide smile at times. I’ve tried capturing these moments but I haven’t been fast enough to do so yet. It’s as though you know that I’m pointing the camera at you and you would immediately stop smiling! Yes, I know that you’re not actually smiling AT me, but one day, you will, and I can’t wait for that to happen. 🙂

You’ve still got jaundice at the moment and we have to bring you for another check-up tomorrow afternoon. The confinement lady has been bringing you downstairs in the mornings for quick sunning sessions, so hopefully that will help. Daddy and mummy have been praying for you to recover too and we trust that God will heal you completely.

Oh and your dried up umbilical cord fell off after your morning bath yesterday! I wasn’t there when it happened, but daddy was. I took a photo of it next to you and it’s a good thing that I did, because daddy threw it away after that! So here it is, your tiny dried up umbilical cord, next to you. You look suitably disgusted by it!


Continue being a good boy okay, baby? Drink your milk (daddy keeps a very close watch on how much you drink, so no falling asleep halfway through your feeds, please!) and know that you are very precious to us.

With all my love,

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Baby, baby

Our very first photo of Noah


My first photo with him (extremely unglamorous but hey, I had just given birth!)


The proud daddy


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